2017-2018 Parent and Family Engagement Policy

Oran K. Gragson Elementary School

Parent and Family Engagement Policy


  1. Parental involvement in the Joint Development or Revision of the School’s Parental Involvement Plan.

A) In September, parents review the Gragson Parent Involvement Policy as part of the annual Title I Parent Meeting.  The Parent Advisory Board at Oran K. Gragson Elementary reviews and develops the school’s current Parent Involvement Policy, as applicable during the spring of each year.

B) No data is recorded as our school had less than 10 respondents. The intent is for a team of staff and parents at the school to look at the DWS data to find trends/patterns/concerns that could then be addressed by actions outlined in the school’s Title I plan. The school will be reviewing available data, and address the intent as best we can.


  1. Parental involvement in the process of School Improvement Review and Implementation.

A parent sits as part of the School Improvement Team and participates in all meetings as an equal member of the team making decisions and assisting in the development of the plan.

  1. CCSD Education Involvement Accord.

The CCSD Educational Involvement Accord is given to parent/guardian upon registration using Infinite Campus. In addition, the teachers review the accord with parents and students during open house night and parent/teacher conferences throughout the year to ensure that all involved parties are reminded of the agreements made in the accord. Completed documents are maintained within Infinite Campus.

4. Assistance is provided to parents in understanding:

A) The State’s academic content standards

B) Parents receive several presentations outlining State and CCSD curriculum standards during several presentations, Open House, First Friday (monthly parent meetings), and Parent-Teacher Conferences. In addition, curriculum standards are printed on the reverse side of the student’s report cards, and as a reference, as applicable, during any parent conferences or presentations.  Finally, state content standard documents are posted in English and Spanish on the school’s web site.

5. Materials and training provided to help parents work with their children to improve their children’s academic achievement.

Tapes, books, and other printed materials are provided to Kindergarten parents during Kindergarten Round-Up. In other grades, books, and other printed materials are sent to parents throughout the school year either through the classrooms, First Friday meetings, or the Gragson Family Center, or additional school functions held throughout the year.

  1. With the assistance of parents, trainings are developed to provide teachers, pupil services personnel, principals and other staff in strategies to reach out to, communicate with and work with parents as equal partners, in how to implement and coordinate parent programs and build ties between parents and schools.

The District provides staff development for teachers, office personnel and administration throughout the school year concerning customer service,

parental assistance, and courtesy evaluations through Rave Reviews. Communication between parents and teachers is encouraged and successful. Newsletters, notes, and Parent Link notices are frequently sent out to parents to enhance informational access.

  1. Actions to ensure that information related to the school and parents programs meetings and other activities is sent to parents in an understandable format and in a language that parents can understand.

Written communication to parents includes notices sent home with students in both English and Spanish. The school newsletter and content specific letters (Attendance Letter, Honor Roll Progress Report and Report Cards) are also distributed in both English and Spanish.

  1. Efforts are made by the school to coordinate and integrate parent involvement programs and activities with other community programs through the Gragson Family Center, which will unite parents with the teachers by providing parent training throughout the year in educational centers, volunteering, learning to speak English, nutrition, and facilitating access to community services. Efforts are also made to inform parents about their student’s involvement in the tutoring programs provided throughout at Gragson.

Coordination with all agencies to improve or enhance student achievement is enjoined as required throughout the school year.

  1. Other reasonable parental supports.

Recommendations for parental assistance are entertained on a case by

case basis and are coordinated as needed with appropriate agencies through teachers and the school counselor. This is done daily throughout the school year through as requested by teachers and/or administration.

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