Our Graduates

CONGRATULATIONS to our newest Graduates of Reading Rangers: Ethan (Wonder to Ninja), Rogelio (Wonder to Ninja), Angel M. (Wonder to Ninja), Moises (Wonder to Ninja), and Genessa (Purple to Pink) from Ms. Ortiz’s Kindergarten Class, Damian (Blue to Purple), Adelyn (Wonder to Ninja) from Ms. Fauchon’s Kindergarten class, Tyrus (Rocket to Power), Maximus (Rocket to Power), Elisaib (Ninja to Rocket), Penelope (Ninja to Rocket), Kimberly (Wonder to Ninja) and Carrie (Wonder to Ninja) from Mrs. Maslysz’s 1st Grade class (and to the newest LEXIA Graduates: Kassimu from Ms. Eden’s class, My from Ms. Randolph’s class, Judith from Ms. Briones’ class, Wayne from Ms. Bradfield’s class, Carylle from Ms. Briones’ class, Kylie from Ms. M. Richardson’s class and Karen from Ms. Callewaert’s class.

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