Mrs. Myra Berkovits: Assistant Principal

Mrs. Myra Berkovits:

Mrs. Berkovits earned her undergraduate degree from Loyola University in Chicago, Illinois and her graduate degree from University of Phoenix.

She has been in the field of education since 1966, when she began working in the Chicago Public School system. She has been retired from the Clark County School District for five years. She was in charge of Title I HOPE for 14 years. Title I Hope serves homeless students with food, clothing, toiletries, tutoring and other wrap around services so that they were on the same page as other students in our District. She now works two days a week in Gragson Elementary as an Assistant Principal. In her free time she like to swim, read, do needlepoint and travel. She has visited most of Europe and some countries in Asia. In 2018, she took a 6,000 mile driving trip across the United States. She has lots of other items on her Bucket List. Mrs. Berkovits has two children who are both married. She also has two grandsons and one granddaughter with whom she loves spending time.