Mrs. Addington: Music

Mrs. Addington earned her undergraduate degree from UNLV here in Las Vegas, Nevada.

She  grew up in South Jordan, Utah in a very musical family, and grew up singing and playing the flute–performing in several bands, orchestras, and choirs.

After high school, she joined the Army Band as a flute and piccolo player. After training, she was stationed in Camp Zama, Japan for three years, where she was married and had her son. Afterward she was stationed in Fort Gordon, Georgia for two years.

After Mrs. Addington left active duty, she joined the Army Reserves and moved back to Utah to go to college. She attended the University of Utah to study music education. She moved to Las Vegas in 2013 because of a job offer her husband received, and completed her Bachelor of Music in Music Education at UNLV. While attending school in Las Vegas, she was part of the 300th Army Reserve Band in California.

She left the Army Reserves in 2017, right before she started teaching at Gragson. For fun she enjoys reading, hiking, camping, swimming and off-roading and rock-crawling with my family and friends in her husband’s Ford Bronco.

Mrs. Addington enjoys traveling, and music has given her opportunities to travel to Japan, the Philippines, Hawaii, France, and more. Music has brought so much joy to her life that she chose to teach music so she could bring some of that joy to others. She wants to help children to be able listen, learn about, and appreciate music. She wants to help her students have the opportunity to create music, which is something they might not have gotten to do otherwise.